Hello, I am Rashid Hassann, a professional photographer with over 11 years experience working in the art of photography. The past 7 years I gained a love and passion for real estate photography, focusing on perfecting my architectural photographing, and editing skills. I am a member photographer, with the top leading real estate media company in the DMV. HomeVisit. Specializing in helping Reator's market their listing.

As a business owner and contractor in the real estate media industry, I shot over 700 homes.
I received my professional real estate photography training through, KelbyOne Online master courses on real estate imaging, 7 years of on the job training, and onsite training with HomeVisit master photographers.

My style for real estate photography shows the space with as much natural light pouring in as possible. Although I do use artificial light sources extensively during my shoot, I feel the end result should show the space as anyone would see it if they were there. With reduced shadows. Real Estate photography is composed & edited to show the property in its current condition and in its entirety. Most shots will be composed to show as much of the space as possible. Retouching is limited to color correction, brightening the overall space to show content and popping in the window view when desired.

I am a Trusted, background verified Photographer offering, On time service, 24 Hour turnaround, High-end quality images, HDR, and great PERSONAL SERVICE and more.

I would be honored to represent your business in capturing your real estate listing and put it out there for the entire world to see.